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Yearly Activities

Mini hunts: The Club sponsors two mini-hunts each year for members only, in the Spring and Fall. The hunts typically have an open hunt, a chairman's hunt, and a hunt for the kids. The cost is $5.00 per person and a $5.00 or greater prize donation per family.

Winter Hunt: There is also a winter hunt held usually in January. There is always hope of snow.

Outings: The Club sponcors several outings during the year for members only. There are usually some silver prizes awarded for those attending. Outings just a fun get together, a picnic or barbeque, or just about any other excuse to get together and do some detecting.

Scavenger Hunt: The Chairperson for this activity will have a list of some items which people find during metal detecting. If you have a item on the list at the meeting, you are entered into the scavenger hunt raffle for the evening. There are also prizes for the most completed list for the year.

Coin Point Challenge: This is a way to keep track of all those coins and other valuables you find and to compete against other members in the Club. A trophy is awarded to the top point earner in the Pro, Intermediate, Amateur, and Novice catagories. Please get a signup sheet from the Chairperson. The rules and prizes are determined by the Chairperson.