Monthly Meetings And Activities

Door Prize Raffle:

The first thing members and guests should do when you get to the meeting is to sign in at the front table. You will receive a ticket for the door prize. The door prizes are donated by members, the Club, the Hunt Commitee, etc.

Club Raffle:

At the break, you can also buy tickets ($1.00 each or 6 for$5.00) for the Club raffle. The top prize varries and there is also a silver round and 2 silver halfs to win Half of the proceeds of the raffle are split between the Club and Hunt committee. The other half goes into the pot for the Club membership drawing.

Club Membership Drawing:

The names of all club members are put into a hat and is drawn. If that member is at the meeting,they win the pot. The pot growsevery meeting until there is a winner. (Member must be present to win).

Monthly Display:

From March through December members bring their "treasures" they have found since the last meeting to "display" for others to see. TheMarch meeting includes any finds since the December meeting. Anyone who brings their"finds" to the meeting gets a ticket good for the Display of the Monthraffle. The prizes are a silver half dollar and 2 silver quarters.

Display of the Year:

At the February meeting, membersbring a display of their findsfrom the past year. Let your imagination run wild in creating your display of the year. Members vote for their favorite at the break and prizes are awarded by the Club

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