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Join The Northwest Treasure Hunters Club Today!

Our club dues are $30.00 per year for Adults (Includes $5. federation dues)

Due January of each year.

(After July 1st Adults $20.00).

Teens (12-15) $6.00.

Juniors (11 and under) $2.00

Newsletter                Mailed       $10.00

With club membership you will be allowed to attend club meetings, outings, hunts and fund raisers. A free club member badge will also be included with paid dues for new members.

Please fill out provided form below and submit at the next meeting or send appliaction to the Sinto Center address with payement for your membership.  We want your information to stay safe,  and the best way sometimes to do that, is to do it the old school method by hand or USmail. 

We hope you appreciate our way of doing things, and please enjoy the club!

Anyone interested in joining that cannot print from their computer, phone, pada or PDF file can attend a regular meeting to ask any questions, meet some members and if you like what you see, you are welcome to to join our Treasure Hunters Club. We welcome interested folks to attend our meetings and look forward to seeing you there!