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From March to December, there is also a table for members to display their Find of the Month. These are what you feel are your best finds since the last meeting. You can enter one find in each catagory. The catagories are coins, tokens & foreign coins, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, costume jewelry, toys and miscellaneous. During the meeting break, members and guests vote to determine the winners. Silver prizes are awarded for first and second place. At the January meeting, all finds of the month winners are eligible to be entered into the find of the year contest.


  1. Find of the Month starts in March of each year.
  2. January and February finds are entered in the March contest.
  3. Items must be found since the last contest.
  4. Only members current on their dues are eligible.
  5. You must be present to enter. This is to encourage attendance.
  6. You may only enter one item in each catagory.
  7. Items must be found treasure hunting - not purchased.
  8. Planted items found in planted hunts do not qualify.
  9. Any time you are called and asked to hunt for a specific item - that item is not eligible.
  10. Any broken item will go into the appropriate catagory ie. smashed gold rings into gold jewelry.
  11. Marked jewelry goes int "gold or silver jewelry". Unmarked jewelry goes into "Costume jewelry"  Exceptions must have documentation.
  12. No member names are to appear with the item displayed.
  13. Most votes by members and guests will determine Find of the Month and Find of the Year.
  14. The FOM chairman has the final say in all questions.


Coins:  US and canadian coins of any type, except those made into jewelry.

Tokens & Foreign Coins: Tokens includ Good For,Tax, Transportation and amusement tokens - any item ment to be used as a substitute for a coin. Foreign coins including Mexico.

Gold jewelry: Any item ment to be worn, mage of gold or platinum. This includes ringscharms, necklaces,  brooches, watches (wrist or pocket), and coin jewelry.

Silver jewelry: The same as gold jewelry, except silver.

Costume jewelry: Any itemmade to be worn not fall into the above catagories, i.e. Unmarked jewejry, badges, pins, buttons, metals, and good luck charms.

Toys: Any toy, plastic or metal, including toy jewelry (NOT made of gold or silver).

Miscellaneous: Any item not in other catagories (may include gold or silver items not ment to be worn).